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Sarmaticus Turbo



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Sarmaticus Turbo – S Africa – 4’’
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Sarmaticus Turbo -The Crystal Worker’s Shell. South Africa – 4” South African Turban This shell won BEST OF SHOW at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver, 2009! This sarmaticus turbo shell, as well as other shells offered by, was harvested for food. The shell was then hand-polished. This stunning shell was harvested in Hout Bay, South Africa. All of the deep brilliant colors are natural. Once the shell is polished to reveal its beautiful exterior of brown and crimson peach, then the grinding and polishing process continues so that in some areas the gorgeous inner nacre of mother of pearl is visible. This shell is the result of a lot of skilled and laborious polishing. Nothing represents the water element in Feng Shui more than a beautiful sea treasure such as this shell. In some esoteric circles, the sarmaticus is used as a metaphysical tool that aids the user in going within and finding individual truth and inner light. Many sensitive crystal workers find themselves drawn to the sarmaticus, and for good reason. Quantity discounts are available.


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